George Watterson

My career originally started out as a Chartered Accountant with PWC, the international accountants, working both in the UK and the US. I then moved into financial planning world, working for one of the UK’s leading life and investment companies before founding my own business, Watterson Wealth Management Ltd. I successfully built the company over a number of years, leading to it’s eventual sale to the AXA group in 2008. Following this I then continued to manage the company, albeit as part of a much larger group, until deciding to take early retirement from business in 2014.

When my brother Craig decided to establish Watterson Financial Planning Ltd (WFP) he asked if I would be interested in getting involved so that the WFP could utilise the many years of experience I had in operating and growing a financial planning business. Having worked closely with Craig and the other members of staff for many years previously it was not a difficult decision to make and I was delighted to get involved.

Although I am both a Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Accountant, I am no longer providing individual financial planning advice, instead leaving that to the experienced financial planning team. I  concentrate solely on the operational and business development side of the business.

Outside of work I enjoy the frustrations of trying to improve my golf game and the challenge of playing different courses. I like travelling with my wife exploring new areas both in the UK and abroad and continue to embrace the never ending quest to maintain my fitness levels.